Your Stay in Miramar Beach Starts Here

Destin, Florida is one of the most well-known travel destinations along the Gulf Coast. Its iconic sugar-white sands and teal waters make for some of the most amazing beach views anywhere in the United States. However, just to the east of Destin lies a hidden gem that, while maybe less well-known, is equally as impressive : Miramar Beach.

This beautiful stretch of sand lies just south of the ever-popular (and ever-busy) Highway 98, which is the main thoroughfare for Destin traffic. An offshoot of this well-traveled road, called Scenic Highway 98 dips down to run along the white sand beaches for a few miles and is the lifeline of Miramar Beach. In addition to a slower pace, you’ll find some great food, golf, shopping and more await you here. And all of it within just a quick drive or short walk.